Perimeter Fencing


Fibre Optic Sensor Perimeter fencing is the latest technology for large area fencing. ERVTRACK is the largest supplier of electric fence parts and accessories to installers in West Africa. We also execute large electric fence projects, SERVTRACK imports, supplies and installs wire mesh fences of different grades (Black Pole, Galvanised, Plastic Coated)fencing, depending on the client’s needs.

The features of our electric fences include:

Strobe Lights for identifying area of attempted intrusion

Alarm that will alert you when there has been an attempted intrusion

Battery Packs for back up power when there is power failure

We can provide both 600M or 800M

We give free quotes to any customer along with a customized security advice sheet.

They are designed to create an electric shock and raise an alarm when touched by a person.